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Uniform Policy & Information

Uniform Policy


The appearance of the Student Body at Doral Academy of Colorado is of paramount importance. Appearance is fundamental to good character, social development and academic success.


The following is the Uniform policy that is implemented at Doral Academy of Colorado. All students are required to follow and abide by this policy with no exceptions. Students with excessive uniform violations are subject to consequences with parent contact and/or referral to administration for discipline.


  • Tops
    Tops may be only one of the following solid colors: Red, white, teal, purple, navy or black.  The Doral logo or the Doral approved Raven mascot logo is mandatory on all tops.  Patches, sweatshirts and coats with the Doral logo or the Doral approved Raven mascot logo in good condition are allowed.  Tops may not have stripes, prints, designs of any sort or size, or logos.  No writing, drawing, or depiction is allowed on any top.

    A shirt or blouse with a button up or snap up collar; a polo shirt; a turtleneck; or a mock turtleneck. Except for the top button or snap, all shirt and blouse buttons or snaps must be fastened. The Doral logo or the Doral approved Raven mascot logo is mandatory on all tops.
  • Sweaters, sweatshirts, vests, and dress jackets must be worn over a Dress Code Complaint Top and must be in dress code colors of red, white, teal, purple, navy or black. If the sweatshirt does not have the Doral logo or the Doral approved Raven mascot logo, it must be SOLID in an approved school color without graphics or writing.


Tops Do Not Include:

  • Sleeveless tops are not allowed for an outer layer.
  • Tops may not reveal shoulders, straps, midriff, or undergarments.
  • Tops may not be excessively tight (may not show any descriptive lines of the body).
  • Front-opening tops with zippers, laces, or without buttons or snaps are not allowed.
  • No clothing may be tied around the waist.


Bottoms may be navy, black, or tan with no patterns or logos.  Leggings can ONLY be black or navy.  Black and blue colors should not be faded to gray.  Regular fabrics which are woven, twill, and corduroy are allowed.  Blue Jeans are allowed on Doral Free Dress Days that will be announced during the school year.

  • Trousers, slacks, skorts, shorts,and skirts.
  • Trousers must touch the top of the shoe in front and may not drag on the ground when standing straight. 
  • Discreet logos on waistbands are acceptable.
  • The bottom hem of shorts must fall between the kneecap and 3 inches above the top of the kneecap in front and back when standing straight. The bottom hem of skirts and jumpers must fall between the ankle and 3 inches above the top of the kneecap in front and back when standing straight.  All bottoms must be worn at the waist.
  • Leggings may worn under the skirt only.


Bottoms Do Not Include:

  • Nylon flight pants, gauchos, elastic bottom sweats, overalls, spandex, lace, sheet clothing,leggings or pants with zippers down the side. 
  • Bottoms may not be excessively tight (may not show any descriptive lines of the body).
  • Trousers must fit properly and may not be baggy or have a sagging crotch.
  • Low-rise pants are not allowed.

Undershirts, including solid colored long sleeved shirts ,mock turtlenecks and turtlenecks may be worn under a Uniform shirt, sweater or sweatshirt. Undergarments or straps of any kind may not be exposed or visible at any time.  No symbols, writing, or designs are allowed on undershirts.  All undershirts must be tucked in.

Jewelry and Accessories
Jewelry and accessories must be modest and in good taste. Neckties and/or bowties are allowed when in good taste and must be worn snug at the collar.  Neckties and/or bowties are allowed with white, full-front buttoning or snapping shirts (both young men and women).
No more than two earrings per ear are permitted.  No visible piercings other than the ear will be allowed.  Covering piercings with band-aids will not be acceptable nor will “clear” piercings be allowed.  Necklaces must be of normal size and no more than two necklaces may be worn.  Only one wristband or bracelet may be worn at a time on each arm. Only one belt may be worn at a time.  No spikes or studs on bracelets, belts, or necklaces are allowed.  No jewelry that depicts violence or glorifies death or violence.  This includes, but is not limited to, objects or images that are materially, or depictions of, weapons, parts of weapons, ammunition, knives, blades, chains, handcuffs, bones or skulls.
Shoes need to be appropriate for daily activity and not be distracting.   No Sandals are permissible.Tennis shoes with non-marking soles must be worn in gym class.  No flip-flops.
No hats, gloves or cold-weather outerwear (parkas, heavy coats, snow suits) may be worn in the building beyond a student’s hanging space. Students on a field trip will be in Dress Code. Students may not change out of Dress Code after school while on campus without prior permission. Only students that attend the Champions aftercare program may change clothes.
On Free Dress Days, clothing shall be modest with no sleeveless tops, tops that expose the midriff or back, short shorts, or low-rise pants or shorts. Clothing may not be excessively tight (may not show any descriptive lines of the body). Jeans must be in good condition.
Personal Appearance
Students need to arrive at school dressed neat and clean. Clothing must be in good repair. Please mark all clothing with student's name.

Hair: Hair is to be neatly combed/brushed. No extreme hair styles, very tall spiked hair, etc.  Hair must not cover the eyes. Hair color must be of natural color. Highlights are allowed.

Eyes: Corrective lenses must be a natural color and both eyes must match.

Socks: Socks, if visible, MUST be in solid dress code approved colors. Red, Navy, Black, Purple, Teal, and White.

Hair Accessories: Girls hair accessories must be simple and non-distracting.

Hats: Hats may not be worn in the school building with exception of certain celebrations (students will be notified ahead of time of these exceptions).

Make up: Make up is not to be worn in K-5 - this includes eye shadow, liners, mascara, foundation and lipstick.  For secondary students, tasteful makeup is allowed.  Tasteful will be defined by the administration of the school.  No Goth or theatrical makeup is allowed.