The Doral Board of Directors is excited to announce the fall 2017/2018 administration team!


Dear parents, staff and other members of the school community,

We are delighted to announce that the Board has appointed Josh Rau as our Assistant Principal and lead over Arts Integration Implementation and Athletic Director for the 2017/2018 school year.  The Board is grateful for the monumental task Josh took on singularly as Interim Principal during our year one school.  We are excited to add support to the administration team to balance out Josh’s innovative arts integration implementation strengths with the daily needs of running a K-8 school this fall.  Josh Rau will take on the role of Doral Assistant Principal effective July 1, 2017.  We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Josh Rau for his significant contribution to the school over the past 7 months as Interim Principal.  Josh has helped build a strong foundation for the school which positions the school well for collaboration for the administration and staff ahead. The Board would like to acknowledge Josh's critical role in bringing about cultural change within the school, placing the school in a strong position from which to embrace the future and strengths as the board supports balancing out the demands of running a school with a new admin team as a whole.

Doral’s excited to announce the newly appointed principal, Arley Blanco, who joins us from Florida where she has worked within the Somerset and Mater School Systems as well as works in close correlation with Doral Inc.  Arley is relocating to Colorado with her husband and three sons who will be enrolling at Doral this fall. Arley has over 7 years of experience as an assistant principal in a K-12 school system holding all responsibilities with over 2,000 students.  She is known and widely respected for her organization, communication, leadership skills, and engagement with the school staff, students, and parents.  Arley has over 7 years of curriculum implementation experience, teacher mentoring, differentiated learning, innovative class scheduling, AP class introduction, literacy and math intervention coordination, and data monitoring with a high outcome of successful students.  Her dedicated and innovative approach to working one on one with teachers creates the complementary strengths to complete our robust administration team. We are delighted to have someone of Arley's caliber to join our already dedicated staff in leading the future development of our school.

The Board hiring committee has conducted an extensive search nationally to identify the admin team who will lead the school on the next stage of its journey. The process has been both ongoing, thorough, robust, and continued to develop as we considered the strongest avenue to guide Doral forward. The hiring committee, interview committee, and entire board have taken into account all parent and staff feedback this spring as we looked to complete and strengthen the administration team.  We listened carefully to all the student and parent voices and concerns.  The Doral Governing Board took all suggestions and comments into consideration as we moved forward to make a strong decision to insure the strength of all aspects of Doral’s learning environment being offered to all our current students as well as newly registered students incoming into Doral this fall.  Adding Arley Blanco to the administration team will offer direct connections to Doral Inc. in Florida along with an unlimited amount of resources available through those connections.  This will strengthen an already dedicated administration and support Josh Rau’s connections and deep knowledge in arts integration.

The Board was very impressed by Arley's experience, skills and attitude. We believe that Arley has the qualities to lead Doral Colorado, implementing the Board's vision of a school that develops young scholars who are ready for the challenges of the 21st century, building on the best of our year one development whilst opening students' eyes to new ways of thinking and working together and encouraging them to be “fearless learners”  with an arts integration experience.

We look forward to welcoming Arley Blanco and her family to join Josh Rau as they successfully work as a team and balance the needs of all students on all learning levels at Doral Colorado this fall.

Kind regards,

The Doral Colorado Governing Board