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"My kids love it here! They didn't dislike their old school, but they love the opportunities of the different electives this school has to offer." - Doral Parent
"My kids love all the electives and sports! My daughter loves Theatre, Anime in Art Class, Volleyball and Basketball!  My son loves Flag Football, library, and Hip Hop Dance Class! My kids think of the Principal, Mrs. Blanco, like family.  She is amazing and cares about every student at Doral.  We are grateful Doral is here as a school choice!" - Doral Parent
"I like School because it is so Awesome" - 2nd Grade Student
"I love Doral because my Teacher is really nice and we do a lot of fun stuff like science and dance!" - 2nd Grade Student
"This is day number 7 of my kids (2nd and 3rd grade) attending their new school. I can't believe how excited they are about going to school, learning and making new friends. For the past couple of years it has been a battle to get them to want to go to school, or even get them out of the house to go to school. Literally couldn't get them physically out of the house! Now, in just 7 days, they have changed their entire attitudes about school and actually want to get up in the morning and are excited to get their day going at school. The last thing they want is to be late. My son, who has hated math, is already coming home, excited to work on his math homework with us and show us what he is learning. That, is a miracle in itself. So far very good! Changing schools to Doral was the best decision we could have made for our children. I am so looking forward to what this year will bring for them.” – Doral Parent
"I love my school because the teachers are nice and we are doing fun stuff!" - 2nd Grade Student
"I love my awesome P.E. teacher at Doral!" - 2nd Grade Student
“Amazing staff! Mr. Rau is amazing. My son loves him and his teachers. For the first time in 5 years I can't get him to NOT go to school. I used to have to drag him out of bed with tears. I would pick him up with tears. Now he is up early and ready to go and wants to stay late! Thank you Doral staff and community!” – Doral Parent
“Great Staff and Teachers! The Integrated Arts program is wonderful!” – Doral Parent
"I Love Doral because I learned to read at Doral!" - 1st Grade Student
“My daughter went from hating school to being excited every morning! Thank you, Doral, for all you do to awaken children's creativity and brilliance!” – Doral Parent
“Wonderful arts integrated academic program, and amazing teachers!” – Doral Parent
"We like how the school nurse helps our diabetic family member at Doral.  They are a very caring school!" - 7th Grade Student

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